Basic Roulette

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Basic Roulette.

Roulette is a gambling game. Which is called in French, meaning “small wheel”. Where players can bet on the outcome of the game on a single number. The range of numbers on the roulette wheel. Including bets on the results of even numbers. Odd numbers or red black on the reels. 

By the way of playing, there will people. If the ball lands in one of the boxes, there are 37 (Europe) and 38 (US) slots, all of which are colored and numbered. Which if the ball lands according to the bettor’s bet, it will reward easily

After knowing the principles of playing roulette The next step will be to play basic roulette.

1. Choose the number you want to bet. The bets can chosen in several ways as mention above. Each bet has different payout rates. and players must bet.

2. When betting time expires. The table warden will say “No more bets” and the table warden will spin the wheel of the roulette. Let ball run and wait until stops in one of the slots.

3. After the roulette wheel and the ball have stopped. The table keeper will spin the wheel of the roulette to show the players. and display the results for comparison.

Roulette is a gambling with easy to understand rules, high returns, suitable for newbies. Those who want to gamble with good profits need excitement and simple and uncomplicated If there is a betting trick Winning bets is not difficult at all. The site you choose to play very important. Should choose a reliable deposit – easy withdrawal will make playing roulette more convenient. And much more fun at UFABET

Roulette Betting Rules

Playing roulette starts the game by giving the player 60 seconds to place a bet. Before the dealer spins 60 seconds. Before the dealer spins the wheel to the left. After that drop roulette ball or ball right side. Which the ball wheel will continue to spin And the ball will stop in one of the slots on the roulette pad. In Thailand, playing using numbers 0-36 can choose to bet in a variety of ways as follows:

1. Straight up or direct betting It is a bet on the desired number. Bet by placing the chip on the desire number. If the bet is correct, the payout will 1: 35.

2. Split betting or placing bets separately. It is a bet between two adjacent numbers. If the bet is correct, the payout will be 1: 17.

3. Street betting or placing bets. It bet place on a row of three numbers.

4. Corner betting or corner betting. It bet four numbers by placing a chip on the four corners of the number. If the bet is correct, the payout will be 1: 8.

5. Six line betting or straight line betting. It is a bet on two rows by placing chips on both rows. By placing chips between the two rows. If the bet is correct, the payout rate will be 1: 5.