Get to know the Dragon Tiger card game.

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Get to know the Dragon Tiger card game.

Dragon Tiger cards, a card game that is hot and has received a very good response. Most importantly, it is a betting game. That is suitable for all gamblers as well. Because it’s an easy game to play. This article will bring everyone to get to know the online game and how to play it.

Dragon Tiger game is a card game with a straightforward betting style. It only takes a few minutes to bet and know the result of losing or winning. In which betting, only one card is used as a measure. And with the form and method of playing. That is easy to get money quickly, making it a popular game that is suitable for all types of gamblers.

how to play game

For how to play the game will have a play style that is similar to the game of Baccarat. But the Dragon Tiger game will decide the result of losing and winning with 1 card. No 2nd or 3rd card will be asked to add.

The gambler must choose to predict whether the Tiger side or the Dragon side will win the bet. The winning side is the side with more points. If the gambler guesses correctly, they will receive the prize money immediately.

Winning and Paying

There are 3 types of bets in game to choose from

  1. Stab on the dragon side Predict that the side wins by having more points than the tiger side. The payout ratio is 1:1.
  2. Betting on the Tiger’s side Predict that the Tiger’s side is the winning side and must have more points than the Dragon’s side. The payout ratio is 1:1.
  3. Tie bet Predict that both sides when the cards are revealed must have equal points. The payout ratio is 1:8.

Dragon Tiger Online Game It is a very easy game to play. Although there are not many betting options. It is the best money making UFABET game for many gamblers. Especially new gamblers. Who new to the casino. first time