Calvin Phillips accepts a difficult year.

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Manchester City midfielder Calvin Phillips has admitted that this season has been difficult for him. But was happy to win the Premier League with the team after the game against Chelsea 1-0.

The England midfielder said after making his first Premier League start for City: “It’s a great feeling. I am happy because we won the league. And I know there might be an opportunity to play. I’m happy every moment.

“It’s been unbelievably difficult this season. And probably the lowest point of confidence in my career.

“But Kyle Walker and the gang kept me up. And said that I would definitely have a chance.”

“I try to be as fit as possible. And whenever I have the chance I will try my best.” UFABET 

Teammate Kyle Walker, the Sailing teammate. said: “We always believed that we could do it. These people are professionals and winners.”

“You can be sure that we are not finished yet. We also have an FA Cup with our greatest rivals. And the Champions League.”

“We’re going to celebrate tonight. Then it will continue to make history. Having said that, 3 championships would be great. But there is a lot of football to play.

“To say we’re up there with one of the greatest Premier League teams of all time. We must conquer it.”

“To reach that goal We can start talking about being one of the biggest teams in the Premier League.” Calvin Phillips said: