Chelsea 3-0 Wolverhampton Wanderers: Collecting issues

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Chelsea 3-0 Wolverhampton Wanderers: Collecting issues after Saturday night’s Premier League game, the Blues open home against Wolves.

Potter Rotation almost the whole team.

In this match, only Kepa Koulibaly, Jorginho and Mount four were in the team. That attack the Red Devils in the middle of last week. Which is not surprising. Because that means the new Red Label manager is very focused on the UEFA Champions League game. With the next game they need to win only one place to have an open chance of qualification. Plus, having to visit San Siro, the home of AC Milan, must keep the team ready and prepare to play big in the upcoming Tuesday game.

I saw the back four and it was cold and hot.

In the pre-match line-up, many thought Potter would adopt a three-wing-back style that performed well in the thrashing of AC Milan midweek. But where has been shuffled. The legs deceive back to play as a back-four, with Koulibaly paired with Chalobah and two backs. Azpilicueta and Cucurella, which must admit that it looks very unreliable. But overall today, it is consider good. Especially Captain Dave, who has played unusually from the past, often being a pit for high-speed attacking lines. It’s efficient enough because over the course of 90 minutes, in addition to being difficult to penetrate into dangerous areas, you can only find 2 shots on target.

local legend

One of the highlights of the game was Diego Costa’s return to Stamford Bridge, a former striker whose hopes overlap between second-time Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte. Who move to deliver a great performance. Before leading the team to two league titles in 2015 and 2017. Until today at the age of 34, the fierce striker is back again and has play. The real one too After substitute out. He walk around the stadium smiling, greeting football fans along the way. Which has received a resounding applause. Stamford Bridge is a sight that is one of the most stimulating moments ever.