Cut the grade of Manchester City-Man Utd game

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Cut the grade of Manchester City-Man Utd game Blue Sails, hot shot salute, Red Devils 6-3.

Manchester City player ratings

Ederson – 7/10
Can’t blame him on all three goals conceded. Still outstanding for coming out and being involved with the set-piece in front of his own goal

Kyle Walker – 7/10
did well with the freedom to fill up the attack in the top half. No problem dealing with Marcus Rashford but had to be substituted before half-time due to an injury problem

Manuel Akanji – 9/10
outstanding defensively. Becomes Pep Guardiola’s secret weapon in dropping the ball from the back

Nathan Ake – 8/10
no problem in defense. Coolly driven the ball in front of his own goal Joao.

Cancelo – 7/10
Involved in continuous offensive games. Created a rhythm that led to Phil Foden’s opening goal, unfortunately conceding a penalty late in the game.

Ilkay Gundogan – 8/10
Taking on the role of defensive midfield in place of Rodri in the middle of the field – is the heart of City driving the ball from midfield

Bernardo Silva – 9/10
Enthusiastic. Hunt for the ball in the middle. Firm possession of the ball

Kevin De Bruyne – 8/10,
made 2 assists, involved in creating rhythm for teammates to break goals.

Phil Foden – 10/10
Moves apart Manchester United’s defensive line, torn down. Hat-trick is perfect

Erling Haaland – 10/10,
3 goals and 2 assists. Shooting stars. The Norwegian national team has turned the Manchester United defense into a defensive game for elementary school children.

Jack Grealish – 9/10
coordinated with the team’s offensive line smoothly. Well done with the ball on his own.

Manchester United player ratings

David de Gea – 3/10
The team-mate’s defensive line didn’t make the Spaniard’s job any easier. The owner has no rights. In the defense of every goal that was lost

Diogo Dalot – 2/10
received a yellow card since the chicken was booed by Grealish, burning the edge of the line continuously. Can’t stop the home team’s cross.

Rafael Varane – 3/10
Unable to cope with Haaland’s heat, was substituted before half-time due to an injury problem

Lisandro Martini. Nez – 4/10
turned out to be City’s target with a bomb from the edge, surprising as Erik ten Hag kept him on the pitch for 90 minutes

Christian Eriksen – 3/10
Surprisingly, Ten Hag sent him down to tackle City’s elite midfield when the team didn’t. May have possession of the ball to face them.

Bruno Fernandes – 2/10 Invisible
when the team does not have the ball in possession.

Fred (replaces Sancho 70′) – 5/10 Ederson
‘s save shot into Martial’s late goal