Pep praises his team’s impressive form against Manchester United

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Pep praises his team’s impressive form against Manchester United. But is still better than this.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola praised his players. Made a very good performance in the Premier League game. That opened the nest to demolish Manchester United on Sunday night ago. But believes that his team can still be better than this.

The blue sails rushed into the city 4-0 from the first half. It ended with a 6-3 win for the hosts thanks to Erling Haaland and Phil Foden hat-tricks.

‘It’s the best form. We hit four goals in the first half. And we really have a chance to shoot more. They played better in the second half. It’s a good game And everyone on the pitch is very happy,” Pep said after the game.

‘In the first half we were aggressive and had space and the quality of our players up front. That made the difference’.

”Some players are not playing very well today. And need to improve Perfection doesn’t exist. It is impossible. But we must try to look for it. We did well today But we can do better.”

”Many players have lost the ball. We lost the ball which is not good. We need to be a bit more consistent in passing the ball.”

‘In the end You can more creative. You can take more risks. But in some areas We are not doing well.”

The win saw City pick up 20 points from their first eight games and sit second at the top of the table, just one point behind leaders Arsenal.