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Bananas are rich in soluble fiber. During digestion, soluble fiber dissolves in liquid to form a gel. This may also contribute to a banana’s sponge-like texture menu. Unripe (green) bananas also contain resistant starch, a type of fiber that your body does not digest. Together, these two types of

What Are Butter and Margarine?

Butter is a traditional dietary staple made by churning cream. It’s mainly used as a frying fat, spread or component of sauces, cakes and pastries menu. As a concentrated source of milk fat, it’s mostly composed of saturated fat. Because of studies associating a high

What Is Body Mass Index(BMI) ?

Body mass index (BMI) is an estimate of body fat based on height and weight. It doesn’t measure body fat directly, but instead uses an equation to make an approximation. BMI can help determine whether a person is at an unhealthy or healthy weight. A

Lose Belly Fat.

Too much belly fat can increase your risk of certain chronic conditions. Drinking less alcohol, eating more protein and lifting weights are just a few steps you can take to lose belly fat body. Eat plenty of soluble fiber. Soluble fiber absorbs water and forms

Benefits Of Kale.

Many people may have heard about the benefits of kale. It is a vegetable that has high nutritional value and helps prevent various diseases and illnesses. Kale can be eaten as a vegetable. Fresh or can be used to cook a variety of dishes. As a

Add benefits to your favorite menu items with Flaxseeds.

Flaxseeds commonly sold in stores are available in raw form. Ready baked type and flaxseed oil Raw flax seeds may contain contaminants, so you should limit the amount you eat. or should be baked until cooked before eating Additionally, eating finely ground flaxseeds is easier to digest than whole

Benefits of Bodyweight.

Bodyweight exercises may help you improve your health and create a more toned figure. Most exercises are simple and require no equipment. Make it free of charge It is also an effective exercise and suitable for beginners who are just starting to exercise. Proper bodyweight exercise on a regular basis